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The University Archive of the New Bulgarian University is a structure whose main task is to preserve and research personal funds of NBU professors, as well as prominent Bulgarian scientists, writers and artists. Designed as an open to the public scientific center to produce concrete research results on Bulgarian history, science and culture, by maximizing the processing and publication of particularly interesting material, the University Archive gives researchers quick access to this cultural inheritance.

Existing for almost 15 years the University Archive has performed the following activities: collecting, processing and promoting the archives donated to the University by Bulgarian scholars, writers and cultural figures; conducting research and publishing projects jointly with the NBU Library, Publishers and Departments; work on joint projects with the State Archives Agency, the National Museum of Fine Arts, the National Literary Museum, the National Library, also control and methodological assistance in the implementation of the Regulation on the institutional archive of NBU.

Currently you can find the following personal archive funds in the University Archive: the philosophers Prof. Ivan Sarayiliev and Prof. Tseko Torbov, the artist Prof. Vasil Stoilov, the historians Prof. Peter Mutafchiev, Prof. Vera Mutafchieva and Prof. Plamen S. Tsvetkov, the epigraph Prof. Georgi Mihailov, the archaeologist Prof. Magdalina Stancheva, the prominent tracologist Prof. Alexander Fol, the theater artist Prof. Krustyo Mirski, the opera singer Prof. Raina Mihailova, the composers Prof. Milcho Leviev and Prof. Simo Lazarov, the art historian prof. Lyuben Prashkov, the Civil Engineer Prof. H. Nissimov, the writer Atanas Slavov, Nikolay Donchev and Malcho Nikolov, the linguist Prof. Miroslav Yanakiev and Prof. Nikola Georgiev, the osmanist Prof. L. Mikov, the classical linguist Prof. B. Bogdanov, the translator and specialist in comparative literary studies Prof. Lilyana Minkova, the lawyer Assoc. Prof. Christian Takov, as well as some documents related to the life and work of other prominent Bulgarians. The entire university community is credited with attracting this great archival wealth.


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